Gift Basket Ideas

How to Make Your Own Custom Gift Baskets?

Well, there are times when it may just not be possible to buy expensive gifts for the recipient that really appeal to them. This is especially true when it comes to occasions and events that require splashing out a bunch of gifts.

During such occasions and events, making custom gift baskets on your own may be a really good alternative. It can be significantly inexpensive yet just as appealing.

With that being said, here’s how you can go about making your own custom gift baskets.


Regardless of how many gift baskets you need to make, you need to decide on a budget. This will help keep a check on the costs, as although inexpensive, custom gift baskets may still surprise when it comes to how much you end up spending.

That being said, here are some of the most important things you will need, so try having a cost estimate for each of them.

  • Basket (or container)
  • Transparent wrap (even cellophane may be fine)
  • An ornament and card to provide the final touch
  • Gifts (quite obvious)
  • Stuffing (may not be necessary)

Baskets or Containers

Custom Gift Baskets

Whether to choose a basket or container may depend on what type of gift basket you’re trying to make. A basket may work great most times, including while making the popular margarita gift basket.

Basically, there’s hardly anything you need to know about choosing the right basket or container. Simply getting one that is a little different from “ordinary” should work just fine.

You can find such unique baskets and containers at dollar stores, grocery stores and even thrift stores.

Cellophane Wrap

Using a cellophane or transparent wrap is a great way of making your inexpensive gift baskets look expensive. Don’t go for a plastic cling wrap, as it will simply make them look cheap.

Ornaments, ribbons and bows

gift basket ideas

These are for giving a “theme” to your baskets. So for example, if it’s supposed to be a baby gift basket, a silver spoon or a rattle is what you may want to include.

Gifts to Choose

As per Anand Mishra CEO Star Infranet,There seem to be endless things to choose from when it comes to making gift baskets. Fruit gift baskets, for one, are very popular and considered an evergreen choice.

Finally, here’s a detailed guide if you’re really looking to make the gift baskets look unique and special.


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